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Tool to download Instagram Videos, Photos, Stories, Audio, Reels

What is SaveInsta? SaveInsta is an online downloader that works in a web browser. It allows you to save and download videos and photos from Instagram posts with one click.

SaveInsta.Pro is a perfect solution for Instagram users. This is the best Instagram downloader today, SaveInsta has all the necessary features such as: Download Instagram video, Download Story, Photo, IG Reels, IGTV, Highlights, ...etc. without needing to combine with other tools.

You can use this tool by accessing it directly using any browser on your device like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge without downloading and installing any additional software or Which application.

Save Insta - The best solution to save and download Instagram content

What is Instagram? Instagram (Insta or IG) is one of the largest video and photo sharing social networks today. However, Instagram does not allow users to save and download photos or videos to their devices.

From there, SaveInsta was born with the purpose of helping Instagram users save and download their favorite photos or videos to their devices easily without any difficulty. This tool is compatible and works well on any device from PC, Mac, tablet to phone (iPhone or Android).

Update new features of SaveInsta

  • Download videos from Instagram (Insta, IG) in HD quality.
  • Save Instagram photos to your device in many different sizes.
  • Added feature to download Reels and IGTV videos from Instagram.
  • Support users to download Story and Highlights content quickly.
  • Feature to download photos and videos from private Instagram accounts.
  • Download Instagram posts from the user's profile URL.

Steps to save and download Instagram videos or photos using SaveInsta?

  1. First, open the Instagram app or website on your computer.
  2. Find any photos, videos, reels or stories you want to download and copy the link.


  3. Go to, paste the copied link into the input box and press the "Download" button.
  4. After a few seconds, the download link of the photo or video will be displayed. Please choose the appropriate quality and size to save to your device.

Save Insta PRO is a tool that helps you download content on Instagram completely free. If you find this service useful, please support us by sharing this website on your personal page. Thank you!

Please note that SaveInsta is a tool we developed to help you download photos or videos you post. You may not use this tool to violate the law or other people's content. Thank you!

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What is Instagram Downloader?

Instagram Downloader is a tool created by SaveInsta that allows you to easily download Instagram posts like Videos, Photos, Highlights, IGTV, Stories & Reels. Especially, it can help you download all other people's Instagram videos or photos quickly.

Is it easy to download Instagram videos and photos with SaveInsta?

Very easy. You just need to paste the Instagram post link into the SaveInsta tool and press the Download button. That's it, we will do the remaining steps for you.

Can I use SaveInsta on iPhone, iPad?

Of course, we have optimized SaveInsta so that it can work well on all devices including iPhone and iPad. You just need to open the website with Safari browser and follow the instructions (how to download Instagram photos and videos on iPhone).

Does SaveInsta tool support Android devices?

Yes. SaveInsta is a web browser-based tool, so it supports all platforms and devices from computers to smartphones. Additionally, on Android you can install and use the SaveInsta application from the GooglePlay Store.

Can I download other people's profiles on Instagram?

Sure. You just need to paste the Instagram user's profile link into the input box on SaveInsta, based on the link you provide we will extract all videos and photos of the profile from Instagram and save them to your device.

Does SaveInsta support private Instagram post download? is a professional Instagram downloader, it can help you download any Instagram post including private posts. Visit the private Instagram download tool and follow the instructions.

Do I have to pay or upgrade PRO to use SaveInsta?

You don't need to worry about this issue. SaveInsta is a dedicated Instagram downloader, possessing many premium features. However, this application was developed by us as a gift for Instagram users. So all SaveInsta features are completely free.

I can't find photos or videos after downloading?

It depends on the settings on the device you are using. By default, all downloaded photos and videos are saved in the Downloads folder on your phone, computer, or in Download History on your web browser.